On December 12, 2023, Ethiopia’s Federal Security and Intelligence Task Force arrested Taye Dendea, the former State Minister for Peace. This action followed his dismissal by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed on December 11, 2023. The arrest was prompted by an investigation that revealed Taye’s alleged involvement in terrorist activities during his tenure as a high-ranking government official.

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Taye Dendea, who was responsible for peacebuilding efforts, is accused of collaborating with groups seeking to destabilize Ethiopia, using social media to criticize the government and promote violence. The joint task force suspects him of plotting to overthrow the government, collaborating with the Oromo Liberation Army (OLA), and supporting extremist groups. Taye is alleged to have targeted citizens through kidnappings.

A raid on Taye’s residence resulted in the seizure of mobile phones, laptops, weapons, OLA materials, and anti-peace documents. Another suspect linked to the OLA was arrested at Taye’s home. The Task Force has committed to ongoing monitoring and public disclosure concerning officials implicated in these alleged activities.