Acquisition Risk Evaluation

Assess risks, identify potential liabilities, and ensure
the accuracy of financial information to safeguard
the interests of all stakeholders involved

A Comprehensive Overview: Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) represent strategic maneuvers undertaken by businesses, aiming to diversify products or services, gain competitive advantages, enhance capabilities, and streamline costs. However, achieving the intended objectives of M&As is not always guaranteed.

M&A - A Comprehensive Overview

Numerous M&A ventures falter due to unforeseen changes beyond the control of either the buyer or the seller. Yet, some M&A deals are doomed from their inception. By proactively identifying and addressing potential pitfalls at the outset, organizations can significantly bolster the likelihood of M&A success. This is where the RZOLUTs Due Diligence product becomes invaluable, helping identify intricate risks within the M&A landscape.

Understanding the M&A Due Diligence Process

Before engaging in any transactions during a merger or acquisition, a thorough review of the involved businesses are imperative. The primary objective of the M&A due diligence process is to ensure that informed decisions are made, maximizing the potential value addition in the M&A transaction.

Lookback period for a M&A Due Diligence

The timeframe for completing the M&A due diligence process varies depending on the complexity of the businesses involved and other factors. While smaller M&As may warrant a lookback period of a couple of years, larger transactions typically require up to 15-year review periods.

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