On November 10, 2023, Sean Eberhart, a 57-year-old former member of the Indiana House of Representatives, agreed to plead guilty to conspiring with others to solicit and receive promises of future lucrative employment with a gaming company in exchange for supporting legislation beneficial to the company.

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In late 2018 and early 2019, Spectacle Entertainment aimed to relocate two Lake Michigan casinos, requiring legislative approval in Indiana. A House bill, introduced during Eberhart’s tenure, included a ‘transfer fee’ aimed at facilitating Spectacle’s purchases and relocations. Federal charges assert that Eberhart accepted promises of future employment, including an annual compensation of at least $350,000 from Spectacle.

Allegedly, Eberhart leveraged his position to advocate for favorable terms, such as reducing the transfer fee from $100 million to $20 million and introducing tax incentives. Text messages indicate Eberhart’s efforts to secure legislation benefiting Spectacle Entertainment.