On January 22, 2024, Petr Fiala (born in 1964), the Prime Minister of the Czech Republic, is slated to receive a US$2K (CZK 50,000) fine for neglecting to declare ownership of a stake in the Podnikatelska Druzstevni Zalozna (PDZ) credit union. The investigation into suspicious financial transactions at the credit union unveiled Fiala’s current account, leading to allegations of non-disclosure of his nearly CZK 1 million stake in subsequent property statements.


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In accordance with conflict-of-interest laws, politicians and high-ranking state officials are mandated to submit annual asset declarations. However, Fiala’s failure to declare now exposes him to a potential fine of up to CZK 50,000 and misdemeanor proceedings.

The credit union itself is under scrutiny for suspicious financial operations, including the reported disappearance of CZK 140 million in cash, designated for purchasing ammunition for Ukraine, according to the server’s reports.