On November 22, 2023, Ibrahim Khader Al-Salem, a former Governor of Lattakia Governorate, was arrested on various charges, including bribery, forgery, embezzlement, and involvement in unlicensed constructions and property seizures. This arrest is part of an inquiry targeting 14 officials, resulting in 10 apprehensions and four individuals eluding capture.

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An extensive investigation into corruption in Lattakia revealed transgressions within city councils and housing projects, prompting the formation of a committee to review modifications in zoning status and codes for more than 180 properties.

Reports suggest corruption exceeding SYP 52 billion (US$3.9 million), primarily in unauthorized constructions. Allegations implicate Al-Salem and associates in benefiting from illegal expansions in building heights and ownership claims on more than 100 properties, pending verification.

The Zeitouna residential project in Lattakia has raised concerns due to its development on public land without proper zoning plans. Allegations include falsified property registrations, particularly regarding luxury apartments. Controversies surround bribery, corruption, price manipulation, and issues in connecting essential services to the project. Additional disputes involve land acquisitions from a private company and zoning changes for additional storeys.