On October 30, 2023, 82-year-old Alabama Representative John Rogers was sentenced for a bond violation, resulting from his contact with a witness in his bribery case. This led to his placement in Cullman County Jail.

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In September 2023, a federal grand jury charged Rogers with obstruction of justice and obstruction by bribery. The allegations stated that he offered public money to a nonprofit founder in exchange for falsifying information to the FBI regarding a kickback scheme involving public tax dollars.

Rogers, along with his assistant Varrie Kindall and former Representative Fred Plump Jr., is accused of engaging in a kickback scheme that utilized tax dollars to support local organizations. Kindall faces 25 counts, ranging from mail and wire fraud to obstruction of justice and money laundering.

Between fiscal year 2018 and 2022, Rogers received around $500,000 from the Jefferson County Community Service Fund for county programs. Approximately $400,000 was directed to the Piper Davis Youth Baseball League, run by Fred Plump Jr. in Birmingham, Alabama. Plump reportedly transferred around $200,000 to Kindall.

The indictment details Rogers’ consistent allocation of most of his fund allotment to Piper Davis annually, while Kindall allegedly demanded kickbacks from Plump connected to the fund money directed by Rogers.

On November 06, 2023, Rogers was released from jail due to health issues.