On August 28, 2023, Angin Prayitno Aji, the former director of Audit and Collection at the Directorate General of Taxes within the Ministry of Finance, was sentenced to 7 years by the Jakarta Corruption Court. He was found guilty of corruption, gratification, and money laundering.

Additionally, Angin Prayitno was fined US$0.065 million, which may be replaced with a 4-month prison term if not paid. An additional penalty of US$0.24 million in the form of replacement funds was also imposed. Failing to pay these replacement funds within one month could result in the confiscation and auction of property to cover the specified amount.

The court determined that Angin accepted gratuities and bribes totaling US$1.92 million and engaged in money laundering activities amounting to US$2.88 million. The judges stated that Angin was unable to prove the origin of the money he received, and the assets he purchased were not recorded in the state organizer’s wealth report (LHKPN).