Automated Screening for the Digital Age

End-to-end Screening to instant identification of risks associated with PEPs, Sanctions and Watchlists. Global datasets power comprehensive coverage, while AI enables highest levels of discovery and efficiency.


    World Class Name
    Matching Engine

    Leverage a world class name matching engine helping teams reduce challenges of name and language variations across cultures

    Delta Screening

    Surveil targets based on
    additions or enhancements
    to existing risk checks


    Clearing a name or entity
    from future screening
    processes based on previous
    review results

    Multilingual Input

    Accept input in multiple
    languages and review results

    Custom Scoring

    Customize scoring for Entry
    and cases based on risk
    types and use cases

    Automated Report Generation

    Specify report format and types based on use cases and details required

    Case Management & Customizable Workflow

    Customizable case management workflow with user roles enabling global teams to collaborate seamlessly


    Reduce False Positives

    Cut down false alerts, optimizes efficiency by precisely identifying targets, ensuring compliance and derisk external engagements

    Reduce Manual Inputs

    Decrease manual tasks, optimizes operations, accuracy, and compliance, saving time and resources effectively

    Work On Targeted Risks

    Choose specific risk areas based on regulators and risk use cases

    Audit Trail-Based Reporting

    Step-by-step record of activities, comments and findings for audit and regulatory purpose

    Screen Large Amounts Of Data Quickly

    Analyze vast data volumes, enabling rapid detection of high risk targets bolstering regulatory compliance effort

    Accurate and Up-to-date Results

    Deliver precise and current results, ensuring compliance with regulations and effectively mitigating financial crime risks



    • Phonetic and/or spelling differences
    • Missing name components
    • Rarity of a shared name component
    • Initials
    • Nicknames
    • “Cousin” or cognate names
    • Uppercase/Lowercase
    • Reordered name components
    • Variable Segmentation
    • Corresponding name fields
    • Truncation of name

    RZOLUT’s name matching engine provides the capability to perform name matches, name searches, and translations across multiple languages and scripts. The natural language processing algorithms utilize machine learning (ML) and cutting-edge NLP techniques for matching.

    The scores serve as a relative indication of how similar two names are, or how a search name matches a target name; the higher the score, the stronger the match. With the ability to customize the scoring engine, the product offers teams the flexibility to configure it based on risk.